Our Impact

Freedom House has walked alongside nearly 1,700 families and over 3,000 children throughout the past 25 years.

In 2018, we sheltered 102 families at our two locations.


  • 82 families (91 adults and 196 children) were sheltered for 14,234 sheltered nights.
  • Adults attend 2 classes per week.  Class topics include parenting, budgeting, employment, nutrition and cooking.
  • Adults are connected to housing resources in weekly case management meetings.
  • Adults are required to work or participate in a job training program (although most come in to the shelter already employed).
  • 75% of a resident’s income must be saved or used to pay off past debts while they stay in shelter.
  • Children improve their school attendance while staying at Freedom House.

The Bridge

  • 20 families (including 25 adults and 40 children) participated in our program.

Beyond Shelter – Our Aftercare Program

Freedom House offers our Aftercare Program to any past resident in need of support.  The objective of the program is to prevent a second shelter stay.  A case manager calls residents to proactively assist them with adjustments to budgets and connects them to our resources.  The generosity of the community allows Freedom House to provide every family with the furniture and items needed to set up a home.  Residents can receive mattresses, bed frames, lamps and dressers in addition to dishes, cleaning and hygiene supplies.